昨日のイベントはイギリスモデルデビッド ギャンディーのtシャツサイン会!

インテリアがステキな店舗♪( ´θ`)ノ


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On Tuesday, it was a grey sky in Milano.
I was sitting on the bench before I had to go back to work. It was between 5-6pm.
I was fixing my makeup using my iphone camera. (Yes, when I forget my mirror I use the camera on the screen side so I can fix my make up)
And when I was about to switch my chap stick to a lip liner, I put the phone down on the bench and this came up on the screen:
I just had to press the camera button to take this beautiful snap shot.

What does this have to do anything with the Milano Unica Textil Exhibition?
Well, knowing that this was an inspiring picture, this fabric displayed on the table sure popped up to my eyes more than any other fabric on the table.

It's sometimes what we don't notice in our daily lives that really inspires us.
Last week I went to the Milan Tattoo Convention where you can see many tattoo artists' work and their method of doing it.

This was especially interesting for me since I don't know anything about tattoos.

This picture is a traditional tribal method of using needle and a light hammer like material to pound the ink into the skin.

I loved the design of this one on this man's back. Done by a Japanese artist with a machine.
Picture of an "oni"

This is a picture of a traditional Japanese method of using only needle and ink. No machine.
One by one they fill in the colours feeling the thickness of the skin.
When you tattoo by hand, it usually last longer and the colour stays beautiful longer since they can tell the precise depth of where to put the ink by hand.

This is the master of Horitoshi Family, very famous tattoo artists in japan.
I had the chance to speak with him and his assistant personally and they were very very very nice!
If I were to get a tattoo, I would only get it from him.
They're ink on their body was beautiful also.
It's the indigo navy blue that they called "black" that made me fall in love with the beauty of Japanese Ink. You can see their work on their website!!

Today I had to look at the Designers who marked fashion history.
I introduce you Rudi Gernreich
Man who created bathing suit with "no bra"
I love his muse Peggy Moffit.




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Rudi Gernreich..




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