Mihara Yasuhiro did a stunning show for his Spring/Summer 2011 Paris Fashion show. His transitions throught the long show divided it up into three composition-making it easier for the audience to rememeber what kind of looks he was going for this season. Starting the show off from calm field with deers prancing around to thundering rain storm in the woods, you almost thought you were camping out watching the boys weave through the shadowy woods. Then there was the transition to the city scene of Paris... where blocks poured from the sky and wiped out the animals and the trees away... hmm is he trying to give us a message here?

Who ever that was in charge of the video effects is AmazinG!!
I used to do fashion show visual effects but lemme tell ya... it was no where close to that quality! Ahh...*envyy* (envy that people can use technology to make cool visual presentation AND envy that Mihara Yasuhiro has a great team of people working with him)

Let me say 4 words... FORKS ON YOUR SHIRT <3  lovely lovely! Makes me wanna go look for an old shirt in my grandpa's closet and sew on forks, spoons, badges bought from an antique store.
via style.com

Also, the shorts were trippy. Looked like he just had a shirt with the same material as the shorts wrapped around the waist. But the models turn around and what do you see!!? Ooowh the shirt is actually apart of the shorts!
via style.com

Last but certainly not the least... Mihara Yasuhiro got thrown off from a bird at the end!! How cool is that! Maybe he was trying to catch some last minute sleep before he made his grand finale... haha

So here is the youtube clip of it. Enjoy!




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